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41 Cool Car Accessories You Can Buy on Amazon – Car and Driver


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Whether you are driving a brand-new vehicle or your ride’s new-car smell wore off long ago, adding a cool car accessory or three can go a long way toward making your car feel fresh and personalized. The gadgets we’ve sourced here will make your vehicle a little more fun to be in. Some add modern functionality to an older car, while others are useful in vehicles of any age. Others are available to personalize your ride and help you stand out on the road. Better yet, these accessories make great gifts for a fellow car lover.

Whatever you need, these items are easily available on Amazon and a simple click away. So do your ride a favor and check out these cool car accessories—see if there’s one that’ll make your time behind the wheel even more enjoyable.

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Comsoon Bluetooth Auxiliary Jack Adapter

  • Wireless sound
  • Can be used with phone calls
  • Only compatible with vehicles equipped with an aux port

If you have a car with an auxiliary jack but no Bluetooth audio streaming, this affordable adapter can transform your music-listening experience. Simply charge it (or connect it to your car’s power outlet), plug it into your aux port, and pair your phone. Not only is the adapter good for high-quality audio streaming, it can also be used for phone calls using its built-in microphone. Who needs a fancy, expensive, Bluetooth-enabled radio?

Ampper Exterior LED Light Kit

  • Waterproof lights
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Electrical experience required for installation

For many drivers, a vehicle’s outward appearance is just as important as its performance. Others want additional exterior lighting to help their car be seen at night. For either of those needs, we recommend exterior LED lights like these from Ampper. Available in packs of two, four, or six, these waterproof lights can be placed anywhere on a vehicle and are designed for all weather conditions. They’re not intended as driving lights but do work well as puddle lights. They come in blue, green, red, white, and yellow. The lights must be wired to your vehicle’s electrical system, so you should see a knowledgeable installer unless you’re sure you can handle the job yourself.

Shynerk Rear-Facing Car-Seat Mirror

  • Check on your little one without craning your neck
  • Convex, shatterproof glass
  • Might distract kids from precious nap time

Hauling precious cargo? Baby on board? This nifty mirror lets you peek at your kiddo in their rear-facing infant seat without straining your neck. The convex, shatterproof-glass mirror mounts easily on the rear-seat headrest and swivels so you can watch over the little one from the rearview mirror. It’s simple, clever, and inexpensive.

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum

  • 16-foot-long cable
  • Portable bag
  • Not as powerful as others on the market

Whether you have children or pets or you’re just plain messy, an in-vehicle vacuum cleaner makes it easier to keep your car clean. This model from ThisWorx plugs into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet and has a 16-foot-long cable, making it useful for tidying a sports car or a minivan. It has multiple attachments, a spare filter, and a cleaning brush. Now get out there and vacuum up that mess!

Foval 110V AC Power Inverter

  • Awesome budget inverter
  • Two USB ports included

While some new vehicles come with a wall-style AC outlet in the interior, virtually every car has a 12-volt outlet. This inverter turns that common 12-volt outlet into the 110-volt kind for only $18. This model provides one plug and up to 150 watts—others have more plugs and power output at added cost. We also like that this inverter includes two USB ports capable of fast-charging at 3.1 amps. That’s usefulness on a budget.

Depstech Wireless Endoscope

  • Waterproof
  • Display image on your phone with app
  • Accessories sold separately

Losing something important in one of your car’s many dark nooks or crannies can turn a 10-minute repair job into a frustrating hour-long affair. Not only will this wireless endoscope from Depstech help you locate that dropped 10-millimeter socket, it can also help retrieve it—as long as you buy the accessories kit. For the more mechanically involved, the scope can also be used for inspecting cylinder walls or hidden electrical connections. This device works wirelessly and projects the image from its tiny camera onto your cellphone screen.

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

  • Fits most vehicles
  • Saves your items from the Gap of Death
  • Some reviews cite quality issues

If you’ve ever lost something in the abyss between your front seats and the center console—and who hasn’t—you’ve likely thought, “Why doesn’t someone do something about this?” The folks at Drop Stop have. The Seat Gap Filler’s name says exactly what it does. This inventive product promises to prevent many future hand contortions—as well as the occasional skinned knuckle—due to lost change, pens, phones, keys, or anything else prone to falling into the no man’s land between the seat and center console.

  • Doubles as a wireless charger
  • One-touch release
  • Price may reflect the quality

While you should never let a phone distract you from driving, a well-placed phone holder can make it much easier to play music or operate the navigation app from behind the wheel. There are hundreds of mounts to choose from, but we picked this CHGeek model because it doubles as a wireless charger.

  • 16 million colors
  • Colors can even bounce to the beat of the music
  • Requires app to fully unlock colors and features

Interior LED lights seem to be all the rage these days, and this kit from Govee is one of the top-rated choices on Amazon. By using the Govee Home app, you can unlock up to 16 million different colors and even utilize Music mode—where the colors bounce to the beat of your tunes. Simply install with adhesive strips, plug into the 12V socket, and you’re good to go.

  • Tons of designs to choose from
  • Sizes available for different vehicles

Getting into a hot car after sitting in the sun all day is awful—that steering wheel can feel like it’s fresh out of the oven. A sunshade is a great way to avoid this, like this one from Autoamerics; they have a plethora of American flag-style choices. Use the handy chart in the image gallery to see which size fits your vehicle.

  • Wireless
  • 7 colors available
  • 8-hour battery life could be longer

These rechargeable LED cup holder lights can transform any ordinary water bottle into a jug of neon-green nuclear waste in a matter of seconds. The discs are charged via USB cable and have up to eight hours of battery life while emitting one of seven colors.

  • Leakproof
  • Doubles as a cooler when not in trash mode
  • Might crowd folks in the back seat

Those little compartments alongside your vehicle’s doors fill up with trash way too fast. A solution? Pick up this leakproof car trash can. It can strap on either headrests or your center console and can double as storage or a cooler when not in trash mode.

  • A duck with gold chains—awesome
  • And a big hat
  • You can’t match this duck’s level of coolness

If you need a little road trip buddy, look no further—this li’l swinging duck will keep you company. Just strap it around your rearview mirror and watch him sway along with the bumps in the road.

  • Capable of holding 13 pounds each
  • Comes in a pack of four
  • May crowd rear passenger, depending on how big your bag is

These headrest hooks are a simple, genius way to keep your grocery bags or purse easily within reach. Just hook around the legs of a headrest—these bad boys are rated to hold up to 13 pounds each. Better yet, you get four of them in a pack.

  • Gets stuff out of the deepest cracks
  • Reusable
  • Lavender scent might not be great for everyone

We all know how tricky it is to get dust and crumbs out of your vents and interior cracks. Don’t worry about bringing out the vacuum—this handy cleaning gel will do the trick. It’s designed to goop up contaminants while keeping your hands from getting sticky.

  • Universal fit
  • Provides space between hot seat and your back
  • Doesn’t actively move air

Sitting down on a baking hot seat will make you sweat like a stuck pig, and these breathable seat covers look to minimize that. By providing space between you and the heat, it can help you get comfortable quickly. They install easily; just a few straps around the back of your seat and you’re good to go.

All-Season Fire Eliminator

  • Puts out fires in every season
  • Covers all automotive-relevant fires

Keeping a fire extinguisher in your car is always a good idea, and this one from Cold Fire is excellent. With no expiration date and the ability to be used in temperatures well below freezing, it’ll put out fires in every season. It can be used on A, B, D, K, and electrical fires, which covers all the bases for a blazing automobile.

Cargo Liner for Fold-Down Seats

  • Waterproof laminate layer
  • Nonslip material

If you have a dog that sheds, you know how exhausting it can be vacuuming the hairs out of your seats. Just avoid that hassle with this cargo liner, which features a waterproof laminate layer on top and a nonslip material on bottom. It’s designed to work with fold-down seats and around center consoles.

Car Registration & Insurance Card Holder

  • Clear pockets
  • Organize your important info
  • The only time you’ll use this is when you’re in trouble

Keep all of your vehicle’s important documents organized with this handy holder that fits right in your glovebox. With clear pockets galore, you can fit and display insurance cards, registration, and other important info without embarrassingly digging through paperwork.

  • Adds two USB ports
  • Flush surface
  • Without a cover, blue lights can be distracting

We all want USB ports in our cars now, particularly to charge our phones and power other devices. But getting those ports can be tricky and ugly—this little gizmo changes that. It’s designed to fit in your cigarette lighter port and stay flush, which looks cleaner while also providing two extra USB ports. Win-win.

Mando Push-Button Start Cover

  • Transforms your car into a starfighter
  • Gives your start button an upgrade

The Mandalorian‘s iconic helmet has become instantly recognizable from the show, so why not add it to your ride? Simply adhere the alloy-steel ring around your vehicle’s push-to-start button, choose your style of Mando mask, and close it over the button. Now every time you want to start up your ride, it’s like flipping a switch on a starfighter.

  • Features two USB ports
  • Works with phone calls
  • Microphone quality not the best

Don’t have an aux port or cassette player in your car? Don’t worry, you can still listen to whatever music you like. Plug this Bluetooth transmitter into your 12-volt socket, tune your radio to the desired frequency, connect your phone, and boom—your music, your way. You can even make calls with this one, and it features two USB ports to charge a device like your phone.

  • Works with any round steering wheel
  • Set up for both work and food
  • Another excuse to work more

If you find yourself working and eating in your car quite often, consider this handy steering wheel tray. It works with any round steering wheel and features space for your laptop or a container of grub with a cupholder on the side. The tray is perfect for mobile workers and foodies on the go.

  • Unlocks Alexa in your car
  • Plays out of speakers via Bluetooth or aux input

It seems like you can connect to Alexa with just about anything these days, so why not add her to your car? The Echo Auto connects to your phone via the Alexa app and plays from your vehicle’s speakers via Bluetooth or auxiliary input. From there, you can stream music and podcasts, make calls, check the weather, pay for gas, and more.

  • Perfect for keeping track of your keys
  • Track over long distances with the Tile app
  • Battery is not replaceable

The Tile Mate is a handy way to keep track of your keys or other belongings. You can find them via Bluetooth if close enough or through the Tile app if farther away. With a convenient spot to include on a key ring, it’s a nice safeguard if you ever lose them.

  • Collapsible
  • Magnifies phone screen by three or four times
  • Might give complementary headaches to some

Kiddos want to watch a movie in the back seat? Or maybe you want to catch up on your favorite show while you enjoy a meal in the McDonald’s parking lot? This screen magnifier is designed to take the image from your phone’s screen and magnify it by three or four times.

  • 7 different functions
  • Hand-cranking charging system

It’s always a good idea to keep a multitool in your vehicle—you never know what might happen. This particular tool features seven different functions, ranging from a seatbelt cutter to a flashlight, and even a hammer in case you need to shatter a window.

Universal GPS Head-Up Display

  • GPS powered
  • Features different displays
  • GPS readings can be slightly delayed

Speedometer doesn’t work? Or maybe you’ve upgraded with some larger wheels? Keep an eye on your GPS-provided speed with this head-up display. But that’s not all. The HUD also can display acceleration numbers, battery voltage, and trip time. Just plug it into the 12-volt socket and you’re good to go.

  • Ionizes air rather than cover smells with fragrance
  • Cool design
  • Takes up the 12-volt socket

This air purifier works differently than most. It doesn’t cover up odors like conventional air fresheners—the device actually releases negative ions to improve the air quality. Toss it into your 12-volt socket and let it go to work removing those odors.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Can make your minivan into a mini movie theater
  • Only fits devices up to 10 inches

If you have a larger screen to display to the kiddos in the backseat, this headrest screen holder makes it easy. The built-in ballhead allows for 360-degree rotation, and the cradle fits any devices up to 10 inches. iPad road-trippers, rejoice!

  • Simple interface
  • Reading and clearing codes is simple
  • Limited functions beyond code reading

If that pesky check-engine light pops up, don’t freak out—it could be something minor. To find out, pick up this OBD2 scanner. Plug it into the OBD2 port and it’ll display whatever codes your car is throwing. With an easy two-button interface, reading and clearing codes is simple.

  • Collapsible
  • Tie-down system

This trunk organizer is excellent for drivers who like to keep stuff in their car. With multiple storage compartments and a tie-down system, the collapsible organizer will keep your groceries, tools, and more secure and contained. It’ll fit in your trunk, or your front seat if you want to keep your stuff within reach.

Electric Fans for Rear Seat

  • Fan heads can be moved 360 degrees
  • Secured to headrest via adjustable claws
  • Powered by 12-volt socket—power cord might get in the way of front-seat passengers

We all know how hot back seats can get, and these electric fans are designed to combat that. Secured to a headrest via adjustable claws, the fans are powered by your vehicle’s 12-volt socket. The heads can be moved 360 degrees to easily aim at your sweaty passengers, who might not be able to wait for the A/C to kick in.

  • Silicone anti-slip construction
  • Makes your dash a place to temporarily secure stuff

Dashboards aren’t usually very grippy, but they can be a convenient place to temporarily put stuff—frustrating, right? This silicone anti-slip pad helps with that. Measuring just under 11 by 6 inches in size, it’s a nice spot to hold your phone or glasses without letting them fall off the dash.

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • zero-to-150-psi range
  • Nozzle light

Keeping an eye on tire pressure is very important, especially if your car doesn’t do so on its own. This digital gauge from AstroAI features easy-to-read numbers, a nozzle light, and an ergonomic design. The range on the gauge is impressive—with a threshold of zero to 150 psi. Keep it in your glovebox for the next road trip!

  • Compact
  • Easy to insert and remove coins

Change is slowly becoming obsolete, but it’s still out there, and hearing it rattle around your cupholders can be quite annoying. Getting this change organizer can help prevent that—it fits in most storage areas in your center console and makes it easy to pull out a few coins if the need arises.

  • Waterproof and reflective
  • Cut in half to easily install around a headlight

These claw mark decals might not be for everyone, but it’s a cheap, easy way to add some pop to your ride’s exterior. They’re designed to be waterproof and reflective, and these particular claw marks have been cut down the middle to easily stick on around a headlight. If red ain’t your style, there are a few other colors to choose from.

Solar-Powered Valve-Stem Lights

  • Solar-powered
  • Easy to install
  • Skeptical on how these actually look

If you do a lot of night driving, these might be a cool thing to try. The solar-powered LED lights screw onto your valve stems and illuminate in your choice of four colors. They’re built to be waterproof and will automatically shut off when the vehicle stops. We’re a bit skeptical on how these actually look, but for $20 it’s worth a shot!

Thumbs-Up/Thumbs-Down Light

  • Ability to display either thumbs-up or thumbs-down
  • Remote control via button
  • Manually flip around to change thumb position

Want to show your polite displeasure with the guy behind you riding your bumper? Channel your inner gladiator and display the thumbs-down. The light uses a suction cup and batteries to stick onto your back window, while the one-button remote control can mount to your front vents. If you’re feeling friendly, you can also flip the light around and display a thumbs-up.

Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter

  • Impress your passengers
  • Anodized aluminum construction

If you’re feeling particularly James Bond-y, add this cigarette lighter to your ride to make your passengers raise an eyebrow. It’s a fully functioning cigarette lighter and features a rubber gasket for a tight fit. And thanks to anodized aluminum construction, it feels legit.

  • Increase visibility
  • Easy installation

Blind spots can be very dangerous, so stick some blind-spot mirrors on to expand your visibility. This is especially useful for folks who have difficulty performing head checks or vehicles with large blind spots. Just stick them on the top outside corners of both mirrors and you’re good to go.

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