June 14, 2024

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Are grasshoppers about to overrun the Bay Area?


Expensive JOAN: I have a fairly unusual concern. Has the grasshopper populace amplified or it’s possible migrated to Morgan Hill?

In the 12 decades I have lived in the metropolis, I had in no way seen a grasshopper when I walk my small doggie, Zeus, but this calendar year, I see two, maybe three every day now. Or have I just been non-observant in the earlier?

John Schmitz, Morgan Hill

Expensive JOHN: All indications are all those couple of grasshoppers you’ve been observing will be joined by many others. Quite a few, quite a few many others.

Past yr was a bad calendar year for grasshoppers. Properly, poor for us, good for them. A different 12 months of drought generated a bumper crop of grasshoppers in California as very well as the Midwest and South. That infestation, followed by but yet another dry winter season and heat spring could suggest even increased figures this yr.

Grasshoppers deliver only a person technology of offspring each and every calendar year, and hot, dry circumstances actually maximize that output. When you have a cold, wet winter, couple grasshoppers will hatch, but again-to-back-to-back again drought a long time signifies we conclude up with a whole good deal of hoppers.

A person way to repel grasshoppers in the early days of an infestation and secure your garden and other plants is to spray them with a solid-smelling repellent. Garlic, vinegar and hot pepper sprays are successful. For newly sprouted vegetation, using floating row address — a light-weight fabric for vegetation — will assist protect them.

Pricey JOAN: I have a neighbor who allows her miniature poodle to be off-leash when the woman is in the street close to her property. This wouldn’t be a trouble except that when they are out and I stroll by, the canine comes managing in the direction of me barking menacingly.

This household experienced yet another miniature poodle just before this a person that ran at me a person working day and nipped my ankle.  I have consulted our animal services men and women about this, and they have frequented the household and explained the leash regulation, but the relatives continues to allow their pet dog go unleashed when they are on the street.

It is an ongoing conflict with this family and me. I really should be ready to walk earlier their household without having becoming harassed by their doggy. Is there nearly anything I can do to avert this from happening in the long term?

Nelle, El Cerrito

Expensive NELLE: You have a handful of selections, none of which is great. You need to have the dog owners to action up and be dependable, and they evidently are unwilling.


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