July 25, 2024

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Benefits of Owning a Volkswagen Beetle

Benefits of Owning a Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a car known for many things such as good construction, wonderful safety features and more. There are many wonderful Volkswagen models available these days however the Beetle has something special which many individuals search for in an automobile. The following will list some of the often-cited benefits to owning a vehicle of this type which may make you sit up and think perhaps the Beetle is the right type of car for you to purchase.

One benefit to owning a Volkswagen Beetle relates to the safety features associated with this type of vehicle. Volkswagen is constantly improving the features of their automobiles and the safety category is just one area which is being improved upon. The Beetle has steel reinforcements in the doors, daytime running lights and door reflectors, all of which help to make the Beetle a safer vehicle to drive and ride in.

Another benefit to buying a Beetle for your next automobile is that it is quite affordable in price. Retailing for approximately $18,000, this Volkswagen model presents individuals with an affordable choice for a great type of automobile. Compared with other makes and models on the auto sales floors these days, the Beetle is a wonderful vehicle at an affordable price. Depending on the financing secured, you may find that monthly payments are only a few hundred dollars which is affordable for many.

In addition, the Beetle gets wonderful gas mileage which is very important these days since gasoline prices are so high and there is no end in sight to the gas price increase. Obtaining 20 city mpg and 28 highway mpg, the Beetle shows an estimated annual fuel cost for owners to be around $1,827, although this price may be a bit higher now with the recent gas price increases. However, when compared with other vehicles of its size or even with larger vehicles such as SUVs, the Beetle gas mileage is quite favorable.

With summer fast approaching, the sunroof is also a nice touch in the Volkswagen brand Beetle. Coming standard in the SE models and available as an option in the S models, the automatic glass sunroof is tinted so that it lets the sun in but not too much if you do not desire it to do so. The sunroof slides, tilts and also has pinch protection as an additional safety feature.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a wonderful car to purchase as it has many different benefits associated with the ownership thereof. Some of the benefits include great safety features, wonderful price range, excellent gas mileage, cool sunroof and it is a car which is made by a popular automobile manufacturer.

Lastly, the Volkswagen name is one which is highly revered in the automobile circuit. This German crafted automobile is sturdy in construction and is durable in nature. Volkswagens are built to last and if you choose the Volkswagen Beetle as your desired car you will find nothing less than what you would expect out of a Volkswagen automobile.