A Rare Kellison J6 Panther V8

[ad_1] This is a Kellison J6 Panther, it’s an American sports car developed by Jim Kellison back in the late-1950s that’s been lauded for its advanced body design and its race winning history. Thanks to their lightweight fiberglass bodies, good aerodynamics, and powerful V8 engines the Kellison J-series cars were among the fastest […]

‘The mullet of classic cars’ | Local News

[ad_1] There had been some butterflies rumbling all-around my stomach as I rumbled down Washington Highway in Mt. Lebanon in a 1971 Chevrolet El Camino for my very first classic car clearly show and scanned the pristine vehicles parked alongside the avenue. It was not the competitiveness towards all of […]

10 Iconic Movie Cars That Weren’t Even Real

[ad_1] James Bond and awesome cars jointly are the epitome of amazing. The Bond franchise is popular for its automobile chases, extravagant crashes, and daring escapes. Six actors have portrayed agent 007 given that 1963 and they have all driven a variety of great automobiles, some of them equipped with […]