September 25, 2023

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Combat Baseball Bat Reviews

Combat (the company) started in 1998 when they began manufacturing softball bats for other brand name companies. Combat bats were born in the last few years when they decided to put out the same bats they make for other companies in their own name, including baseball bats.

This is the dirty little secret in many industries. The well known manufactures hire an outside company to produce products with their name on it (just like some American cars are really Japanese cars with different name plates. The Chevy Nova comes to mind). I’ve not been successful finding out the bats they’ve made for others, but I’m inclined to believe it was for softball bats.

Combat is focused exclusively on composite and hybrid baseball bats. They’re priced less than the well known manufacturers; as they should be since they don’t have name recognition.

Combat has a limited line-up of baseball bats. They are:

  • Combat Virus – One piece, multi-wall (the senior league is a single wall) bat with a stiff handle. The Virus has different codes for it’s adult (AB), youth (YB) and senior league (SL) bats. While it’s less than the IMX, Triton and CF3 the Virus is not in their league. The Virus competes with the Omaha Comp, and I’d take the Omaha Comp.
  • Combat B2 Da Bomb Only available in youth models – One piece, single wall bat with a stiff handle. This bat has a cult following (coming from the Combat B1) that has produced rabid fans. To the best of my knowledge this began during the 2007 LL World Series when the winning team hit a walk off home run with a Combat B1. While it’s inexpensive for a composite bat I’m not sold on this bat being better than the Easton IMX. As with the Virus, it competes with the Louisville Omaha Comp. I prefer the Omaha Comp but the B2 is the clear second choice for the youth player is this category.

As mentioned, I know there are some rabid Combat fans out there. But I believe it’s more hype than fact. Sorry Combat fans, your comments are welcome.