Festivals In Abu Dhabi

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Festivals In Abu Dhabi. Festivals are celebrated in Abu Dhabi exclusively. The festival season starts with the festival for Eid-ul-Fitr and finishes with the festival for Hajj at the end of Ramadan. It is advisable to enjoy great vacations in Abu Dhabi, as it is a place that celebrates the grandest festivals, giving you a chance to visit some of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are many festivals, which are celebrated with different cultures of the people living in the region of Abu Dhabi. There are Finesse festivals, Chinese festivals, Indian festivals, Arabic festivals, European festivals, and many more. Enjoy great vacations in Abu Dhabi, and plan your travel and stay in the region where these cultures are celebrated. Get a car rental Abu Dhabi in the city to enjoy tours around the area.

Boat Festival

Boat Festival. The city is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world; that is why there is always a boat festival during the month of November. At this time the whole city is decorated with garlands, as well as boats. It is indeed a beautiful and creative event, which is worth enjoying.

Festivals are a part of life; everyone loves to have some fun. Abu Dhabi has its fair share of great festivals; you should try and enjoy them. Try something new and different this year, and choose the best festivals in Abu Dhabi.

Culture Fest. This is a unique festival that showcases the different cultures in Abu Dhabi. You will not see different cultures here, but also a lot of great food, mouth-watering dishes and traditional arts and crafts products. This festival is held from the 2nd week of September until the 3rd week of October. If you love the festival, plan your trip now.

Desert Festival

DesertFest- If you love desserts, you will definitely enjoy the Desert festival. This festival is usually held during the month of October and it celebrates the different cultures of the desert. A number of tribes and families gather at a place to celebrate and eat a variety of foods; people also get involved in different activities while enjoying this special occasion. Car Rental Abu Dhabi To Enjoy All the Festivals Without Any Limits.

Festival of Desert- If you love desserts, then you must attend the Desert festival. This is the most exciting festival in Abu Dhabi. The festival starts with the call to prayer from different places all over the city. At the end of the day, you will find that there are different deserts, which have been lit up brightly to show the path to the horizon.

Festival of Lights- This festival is another one of the popular festivals in Abu Dhabi. This festival is not about the colorful costumes and spectacular performances; it is also about the sharing of love and light. Thousands of lights are placed around the venue in order to illuminate the sky and to celebrate the coming of the holidays.

Festival of Arts- This is another great opportunity for you to enjoy great arts and culture. This is an International Festival of Arts and Culture, which is organized by the Royal Palace and the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Corporation (ADEC). The festival is usually held in the month of November.

Visit Abu Dhabi:

Festivals of Abu Dhabi just like all other countries are celebrating different national holidays. So, if you are from any other part of the world, you might not be able to visit all these places. However, if you are traveling to Abu Dhabi just for the Festival, you can visit all the places without any problem. You will find everything open throughout the year, except the holidays. Visit all the places to get a car rental Abu Dhabi to visit freely. So, you should book your trip well in advance so that you can avoid any inconvenience or last-minute disappointment.

So, now that you have understood all the different festivals of Abu Dhabi, you should prepare your schedules in order to attend them. You will surely enjoy different activities during your stay here in Abu Dhabi. So, what are you waiting for? Just book your tickets now!