February 25, 2024

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The Most Popular Sports Magazines in Australia

All over the world sports figures are celebrated, cheered and revered. It is no surprise then that some of the most popular publications, both local and international, are sports magazines. In this article we’re going to take a look down under and discuss some of the most popular sports magazines in Australia.

As you might expect, the topic or theme of a national sports magazine will naturally depend on which sports are popular in that nation. So, what are the most popular sports in Australia?

The two most popular organized sports for Aussies are football (Australian Rules) and Cricket. Both have multiple leagues and divisions for amateurs and pros and important matches are often televised. With several world ranked courses and clubs, Golf is also an extremely popular sport in Australia. While soccer, the world’s most popular sport, has always taken a back seat to Australian rules football. Other popular organized sports include: rowing, netball, volleyball, and basketball. As for nautical sports, swimming and surfing are obviously very popular in Australia. There is also, as we mentioned, rowing, sailing, and sport fishing.

Now that we know what sports Aussies like to play, we will take a look at what sports they like to read about.

Inside Sport is the country’s number one sports magazine. The publication is not sport specific, but rather focuses on all of Australia’s top sports from surfing to golf to football to rugby. The popular magazine features in depth profiles and interviews with both national and international sports stars. It also devotes a portion of its content to international sports stories. Readers of Inside Sport have come to expect the very best in sports photography and journalism and they are seldom disappointed.

Australian Golf Digest is the nation’s most popular golf magazine and has been for over 35 years. In the pages of this quality periodical you will find interviews with golfing stars and legends as well as profiles of highly-toted prospects.

Australian Rugby News & Review is the country’s most popular rugby magazine. It has won several awards for its stories on both domestic and international rugby coverage.

Rugby League Player is a national magazine that focuses on Australia’s three Rugby leagues. It provides league and player stats and full coverage of important match up, as well as occasional interviews with top league players.

Australian Triathlete is the official magazine of the Ironman Australian Triathlon. It is published eight times a year and covers of all of the top local, national, and international races. The magazine also offers training tips and advice for both amateur and competitive triathletes.

Tracks is Australia’s most popular surfing magazine and has been on the stands for over 30 year now. Each issue transports readers to some of the most exciting and exotic surfing locales both at home and abroad. It also let’s them know what’s happening on the pro-circuit.

FourFourTwo is the country’s number one soccer magazine, though it is not published in Australia. The magazine focuses on soccer (football) around the world, especially on the pro leagues in Europe.

There are dozens of Australian magazines dedicated to sport, but the ones mentioned above are just some of the more popular ones.