14 of the best gadgets to invest in for your car

Technology has grown so much in recent times that there is an app or gadget for almost anything. While newer cars have “smart” capabilities and functions, an older model vehicle might not. One easy way to transform your older can into a smart-savvy vehicle is by purchasing extras for it. From apps to monitor engine problems to prevent mechanical failures in a car, to tire pressure monitoring systems, we have the best of the best available here.

Smart car adapter
This adapter monitors your car’s engine and identifies any problems, which can assist in preventing mechanical failures in a car. The adapter can also remember where you parked your vehicle, as well as provide you with a trip history.

Dash cams
Dash Cams can be most useful in recording your trip as well as having video evidence available in accidents where it is difficult to determine who was at fault. By reading reviews and complaints of users who have purchased dash cams, you are able to choose which one is the best for your car.

Smartphone mounts
Having a smartphone mount at eye level can assist you with keeping your eyes on the road as much as possible when using your phone as a navigation tool.

Portable jumper starter kit
Having a set of jumper cables can come in handy when you have a flat battery. The difference with these is that you do not need another car to give you a jump. The unit also doubles up as a backup power kit.

Bluetooth car kit
With a bluetooth car kit you are able to play music as well as make and receive calls over the car’s speakers.

USB car charger
Never worry about your phone dying again with a USB car charger for any electronic devices.

GPS tracker
Know your vehicle’s location at all times. This GPS tracker enables you to set up a perimeter area, and when the car leaves that area, you will receive alerts via text or email.

Radar detector
This device will alert you of any possible speed traps or cameras. While it is not the most legal device to have, people do still purchase them for their cars.

Blind spot mirrors
These handy devices come in the form of a lightbulb on the side of your rearview mirror that lights up or flashes when someone is in your blind spot.

Tire pressure monitor
Keeping an eye on your tire pressure is very important to prevent an accident. A tire pressure monitor can let you know if your tires are too hard or too soft.

Seat belt cutter and window glass breaker
A nifty tool that can be used to cut seat belts or break windows if you are trapped in your car following an accident.

This device fits between the seat and center console of your car, and catches any items that might fall down in the gap, such as coins. This is one way to avoid losing items in the crevice.

Mobile wifi hotspot
Having a wifi hotspot in your car will ensure that you stay connected wherever you go.

Back-up camera
This system comprises 2 cameras, an adapter and a magnetic mount for your phone. The cameras are mounted onto the rear licence plate. An alert will be sent to your phone to let you know of any possible collisions about to occur.