June 14, 2024

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Auto Pros on the Road Visits A&M Auto Service, Pineville, NC


In this episode of Vehicle Professionals On The Street, Joe Keene and Jacqui Van Ham check out Rob “Dutch” Silverstein, owner of A&M Vehicle Provider.

Family owned and operated, A&M Vehicle Service specializes in servicing European cars and trucks and SUVs.

Silverstein explains he will come from a relatives that did not arrive from a lot of revenue. He shared that he realized from an early age if he wished one thing, you experienced to work for it.

“I unquestionably feel in his infinite knowledge, that the superior Lord offers everybody presents. Some persons are superior athletes, some persons are fantastic musicians, some folks are excellent with language and math. I always experienced the capability to fully grasp how issues operate,” Silverstein mentioned.

Babcox’s Joe Keene chats with Rob “Dutch” Silverstein, owner of A&M Car Assistance.

When detailing the start off of his vocation in the sector, Silverstein claims he grew up with a love for aviation. When his father informed him he would match him dollar for greenback to get traveling lessons, Silverstein had to uncover a way to make funds fast, and the only way he realized how to make funds was by fixing issues. Silverstein compensated his way via university by repairing automobiles and eventually landed a flying gig with a big airline.

Economic instability led to an unstable career, the place Dutch was led to make the selection to operate 7 days a 7 days, 15-16 hour shifts in the store as a aspect-time job so that in the occasion he shed his aviation occupation, he would have a sound backup prepare.

Check out and stick to hosts Joe Keene and Jacqui Van Ham all over A&M Auto Assistance to learn additional about Dutch and his shop operations.

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