December 5, 2022

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Here are the most searched pets (besides cats and dogs) in Ohio, KY


As if you need to have a further excuse to rejoice your favored furry (or scaly) friends. Monday is National Pet Working day.

Puppies and cats are possibly the most common domestic pet, but what about the rest of the animal kingdom?

Google Trends complied a map and shared with United states of america These days the most searched animals by point out, excluding cats and dogs. The listing does incorporate guinea pigs, chinchillas, bearded dragons, sugar gliders and hamsters.

The answers may well shock you. In Ohio, the most searched pets have been chinchillas, when Kentucky looked for guinea pigs. In Indiana, queries bearded dragons reigned supreme.

Google Trends shared a map with USA TODAY of some of the most searched pets by state.

Google Developments shared a map with United states Right now of some of the most searched pets by condition.

Guinea pigs, hamsters and additional: What is your state’s most common pet (apart from cats and canines)?

States around the region tended to lookup for related animals. In the south, bearded dragons ended up a very hot search matter.

New Mexico was the only condition wherever hamsters topped the record.

Your state’s most searched (non-cat-or-doggy) animals

Alabama – Bearded Dragon

Alaska – Guinea Pig

Arizona – Guinea Pig

Arkansas – Bearded Dragon

California – Guinea Pig

Colorado – Sugar Glider

Connecticut – Chinchilla

Delaware – Chinchilla

Florida – Bearded Dragon

Georgia – Bearded Dragon

Hawaii – Guinea Pig

Idaho – Chinchilla

Illinois – Chinchilla

Indiana – Bearded Dragon

Iowa – Chinchilla

Kansas – Guinea Pig

Kentucky – Guinea Pig

Louisiana – Bearded Dragon

Maine – Chinchilla

Maryland – Guinea Pig

Massachusetts – Guinea Pig

Michigan – Guinea Pig

Minnesota – Chinchilla

Mississippi – Bearded Dragon

Missouri – Bearded Dragon

Montana – Sugar Glider

Nebraska – Guinea Pig

Nevada – Chinchilla

New Hampshire – Chinchilla

New Jersey – Guinea Pig

New Mexico – Hamster

New York – Guinea Pig

North Carolina – Bearded Dragon

North Dakota – Chinchilla

Ohio – Chinchilla

Oklahoma – Guinea Pig

Oregon – Chinchilla

Pennsylvania – Guinea Pig

Rhode Island – Chinchilla

South Carolina – Bearded Dragon

South Dakota – Guinea Pig

Tennessee – Bearded Dragon

Texas – Guinea Pig

Utah – Chinchilla

Vermont – Guinea Pig

Virginia – Guinea Pig

Washington – Guinea Pig

West Virginia – Chinchilla

Wisconsin – Guinea Pig

Wyoming – Guinea Pig

This short article initially appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: National Pet Day: What animals Ohio searched for the most


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