July 13, 2024

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‘Is that the Tardis?’ – watch as 26 football fans pour from police riot van after lift to pub


Stunned onlookers were left questioning “is that the Tardis” when they saw what appeared to be a never-ending stream of football fans pile out of a police riot van. Footage of the incident was posted on Twitter sparking a mixed reaction.

While some raised safety concerns others were quick to praise police for being “proper class”, reports LancsLive. But now an investigation has been launched by Preston Police into the incident.

The film was captured ahead of Saturday’s match between Preston North End and Middlesbrough. As it was the last game of the season the atmosphere was light-hearted and lively ahead of kick off.

But in a tweet posted by FTBL Away Days they shared the video which showed 26 Middlesbrough fans – along with a pink inflatable elephant – being dropped off at a Preston pub. The footage has already clocked up 38,000 views since it was posted at 11.45am on Saturday.

In the 45 second post, which has had 1,500 likes and been retweeted more than 160 times, they wrote: “Police giving Boro fans a lift to the pub in Preston today.” They followed it with a clapping emoji.

And reaction was quick to come. Kevin Higgins replied: “Felt like one of those clown car scenes so I had to count, there were 26 Boro fans in the back of that van.”

Martin Summers agreed saying: “Definite clown car vibes from this.” David Logan said: “Is that the Tardis?! How many squeezed in.”

Tom Cowey praised Preston Police for being “proper class”. And Brian Rose said it was the “highlight of the day.”

However some posters raised safety concerns about the number of people carried inside the van. Catherine Husband asked: “Erm 26 , surely they have broken the law there. Fair play through.”

MG tweeted “Slight overcrowding in there”. Blossom Cotton replied “Surely if I carried this many passengers they would have something to say.”

But after the footage came to light Lancashire Constabulary said it was looking into what had gone on. A spokesman for the force said: “We are aware of the video circulating and are investigating the full circumstances surrounding the incident.”

And while fans got their lift to the pub the result of the game was not what they would have been hoping for. Middlesbrough lost the match 4-1.

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