July 13, 2024

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Water Burning Car Converter Increases Gas Mileage

Water Burning Car Converter Increases Gas Mileage

This article explains how a water burning car converter increases gas mileage. You will learn how and why this works!

All you need is a kit that describes how to install a converter to enable your car to burn water along with gasoline or diesel, whichever your vehicle runs on. Most converted vehicles usually experience doubled gas mileage. When you fill up your tank, your gas will last approximately twice as long as it did before you converted it. In some cases, gas mileage is a little less than double and in other cases mileage is more than double. Kits can be very costly, but there are some quality kits available for $50 to $100.

What exactly is a converter? A converter is a device containing water that is hooked up to your battery. Using a small amount of power from your battery water is converted into highly combustible, powerful, stable hydrogen gas, or hydroxy, which is then burned up by the engine. The chemical structure is HHO (2 hydrogens and one oxygen).

Why does it increase gas mileage? Your vehicle will be burning part gas (or diesel, if that is what your vehicle normally runs on) and part water and as a result the gas you buy will last approximately twice as long as before installing a converter. Not much water is needed as your vehicle will be burning about 1 quart of water every couple of months.

Conversions can be installed in most vehicles, including SUVs, cars and trucks. They have even been installed in motorbikes and heavy duty trucks. The water has a beneficial effect on your engine because it will be burning cleaner and cooler. Those who have already converted their vehicles are reporting few if any issues and excellent engine performance.

You may be concerned about the price of parts, but no need to worry. Parts usually cost less than $200 and are available in most hardware stores. Once you have installed your own converter you can help your family and friends double their mileage by installing a converter in their vehicle or by telling them about the kit. You can really save a lot of money using a converter if your family operates more than one vehicle. This is an easy and inexpensive way to increase gas mileage, all you need to do is convert your vehicle.