October 2, 2023

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Windshield washer fluid’s toxic to pets and people, too


Q: Even though incorporating windshield washer fluid to my car’s reservoir, I spilled some on the ground and my pet dog started out licking it. I sopped up the liquid in advance of he got much more than a taste, but afterward, I puzzled: Is windshield washer fluid truly poisonous to dogs?

A: Certainly. Most windshield washer fluids are 20-30% methanol, which is toxic to canine, cats, human beings and other animals. Some windshield washer fluids are 100% methanol, and other individuals consist of more toxic antifreeze solutions, like ethylene glycol.

Methanol, occasionally known as wood liquor, is colorless and flammable, and it has been explained as owning a marginally sweet alcoholic beverages odor. It is also found in some cleansing products, solvents, paint removers, varnishes, gasolines, “canned warmth” fuels, model plane fuels and gasoline-line antifreeze goods.

Within 30 to 60 minutes of ingesting methanol, pet dogs encounter lethargy, decline of coordination, disorientation, tremors, emesis, diarrhea and belly pain. The heart and lungs can also be afflicted. Individuals, but not puppies or cats, can undergo blindness as properly.

Methanol is even toxic when inhaled or absorbed by the pores and skin. As with other poisons, the dose decides the severity of medical signs. Sometimes methanol is fatal, but if aid is immediate, the pet’s daily life usually can be saved.

To prevent accidental poisoning, confine your pet within your home each time you refill your windshield washer fluid reservoir, keep the plastic container in which he cannot chew it, and instantly clean up any spills.

Q: Frankie, my 15-year-previous cat, has been getting rid of excess weight. What could be causing this?

A: Pounds loss is popular among the aged cats and can even manifest in the absence of disorder.

A cat’s caloric necessities minimize by 3% each year until finally about 11 several years of age. Immediately after that, senior cats digest proteins and fat much less successfully, so they ought to ingest additional calories just to retain their pounds.

Unfortunately, their senses of scent and taste uninteresting with age, so some cats become fewer enthusiastic eaters in their later years.

You can assist by warming any refrigerated canned food to boost the flavor. Provide Frankie supplemental foods, and area several food stuff bowls with a variety of dry foods in very easily obtainable places. Think about managing him to some kitten food stuff or one more substantial-calorie, very easily digested diet program prosperous in protein and fat.

If Frankie however eats considerably less than regular, he might have dental pain that helps make chewing not comfortable. Or, he could have arthritis ache that discourages him from going for walks a length to his meals bowl or jumping up if his bowl is on a counter. Your veterinarian can aid with dental troubles and arthritis pain.

On the other hand, if Frankie is taking in well but shedding bodyweight, he may possibly have diabetic issues or an overactive thyroid gland that’s revving his metabolism. Both of those conditions are typical brings about of body weight decline in more mature cats, and both of those are easily handled.

Persistent kidney condition, liver dysfunction and most cancers also induce bodyweight loss. Request your veterinarian to study Frankie and do lab get the job done to figure out just what is actually creating him to reduce pounds.

Lee Pickett, VMD, procedures companion animal medication in North Carolina. Get in touch with her at

[email protected]


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